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About the Red Oak Tree - Ring System


The Red Oak Tree - Ring System is a webring system powered by the Ringlink Webring Program. It currently allows you to manage your webring/s in several different languages (Currently those languages are Chinese (big5), Danish, Dutch, English, French, Swedish, German, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, and Spanish).

This is a family oriented webring system (no adult-xxx illegal hate warez spam rings or sites are permitted), that welcomes all Ringmasters who wish to host their webring/s on a webring system that is free of all advertisements of any kind!

This is not a Link Listing service, but a Webring System. A system that allows visitors to surf a webring using a ring's navpanel. If you are not prepared to host a ring's navpanel on your website, then please do not join any of the rings that are hosted here on Red Oak Tree - Ring System.

New Rings must be actively managed, and have at least 2 member websites within 7 days of the ring having been created. Otherwise they will be deleted.



What is a webring?

A webring is an interesting idea in that it allows people to surf through websites which are related in one way or another. How a webring works Surfers navigate the webring by clicking on the "next", "previous", or "random" links as found on a webring's navpanel (which is displayed somewhere on each of that webring's member websites). The idea is that if you continually press the "next" link on the navpanel, you will eventually end up at the website you started from. This is why it is called a "webring".
Click here to see a working example of a webring.

Each webring is created and maintained by a person known as a ringmaster. This person accepts site submissions, validates that the site meets the topic of the webring and that the site has installed the webring code properly. The ringmaster is the sole arbitrator of whether or not a website belongs in that webring! After all, it is his or her webring, and they are in total command.

The cool thing about well run webrings is that they tend to deliver highly targeted visitors to your site. This is because the people surfing the ring are actually looking for sites pertaining to the ring's topic.

Can ringmasters customize their rings?

Yes, ringmasters can customize their rings however they want. They can also design their ring's navpanel in any manner they wish (a design that often reflects the topic of the webring). They also have access to their member's email addresses, total control over the design of their webring's homepages, and various other design options within the webring program that powers their webring.

What specifically can be included
in a webring's navpanel?

The navpanel may include images, links, tables, email addresses (not advisable - spam concerns), and anything else that they would wish to see included. In short pretty much whatever the ringmaster wishes to include in the design of their webring's navpanel. What are the commands that can be used to navigate the webring you ask? The Ringlink program that powers Red Oak Tree - Ring System supports the following:
  • Next Site
  • Previous Site
  • Random Site
  • Next 5 Sites
  • Previous 5 Sites
  • List All Sites
  • Ring Homepage
  • Ring Statistics
  • Search Ring
About Ringlink

Ringlink is a free CGI Perl program for running webrings.
It's slogan is "created by Ringmasters for Ringmasters".
  • Click Here for more info about Ringlink.
  • Read the story "The Birth of Ringlink" by Gunnar Hjalmarsson, the creator of the Ringlink program and a WOW Team member.
  • If you need a web host to host your webring's home page and/or website, then we suggest Red Oak Tree - Web Site Hosting. This is a web hosting service managed by the creator of the Ringlink webring program, and who freely hosts the World of Webrings website.
  • If you use the design and content of this Ringlink powered webring system template for your own Ringlink powered webring system,World of Webrings then please feel free to do so! :-) All we ask is that you keep these logos on your site.


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